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Fog covers Delhi, pollutant levels shoot up

Dense fog was also reported at the Indira Gandhi Airport Wednesday morning, with visibility dropping to 100 metres between 5.30 am and 9 am.

Weather gives Delhi better air quality than this time last year

At Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)’s air quality lab, scientists attributed this apparent drop in particulates entirely to weather conditions.


It’s clear some kind of dust particles do influence fog: Dr G S Bhat

Dr G S Bhat, chairperson of Delhi joint fog action committee, tells Pritha Chatterjee the effect of fog on socioeconomic problems is immense.

A first: Delhi gets pilot study to analyse and forecast fog

The five-year campaign, designed along the lines of studies in Paris and Toronto, will attempt to predict triggers, intensity and dissipation factors associated with fog.

National Pollution Control Day: SAFAR scientists flash ‘red code’for Pune, warn dip in air quality

Red code indicates areas where air quality is considered dangerous; episodes of dipping air quality have increased with time, say scientists.

Hardlook pollution watch: Particulately disturbing

Here is a look at the elevated pollution levels and the health risks they subject us to.


Pune pollution level peaks during Diwali

Data monitored at different locations shows that air quality ranged from poor to very poor on Diwali days

Delhi: Don’t step out this Diwali

SAFAR issues health warning, says particulate matter levels to spike day after Diwali. PM 10 could go up to 956 micrograms per cubic metre, PM 2.5 to 450.

Expect ‘poor quality air’ this Diwali: Experts

According to the Air Quality Index (AQI) – which arrives at a unit less number to indicate the level of pollution –estimated that on Monday it was 88 , indicating good air.

Mumbai: High particulate matter during monsoon ring alarm bells

Studies show PM1 is the cause of pollution-linked cardiovascular disease.