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London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for second referendum on Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out holding a second referendum following the vote two years ago to leave the EU.

#SadiqBlimp: Bikini-clad balloon of London Mayor receives little response on ground and online

Sadiq Khan angered some people in the British capital and elsewhere last month when he allowed a balloon caricaturing Donald Trump as an angry baby to float above the city while the US President was in England.


London launches action plan to become world's most walkable city

Under the new plan, streets will be designed, built and managed to encourage walking, with better signposting and maps, as well as new, wider pedestrian crossings.

'End the hate': London Mayor Sadiq Khan appeals after reading Islamophobic hate tweets

Recently, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan read out the hate tweets he gets. While one said, "Sadiq Khan looks like a sparrow," it quickly escalated to tweets like, "I say kill the Mayor of London, and you will get rid of one Muslim terrorist."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan in Amritsar says UK govt should apologise for Jallianwala Bagh massacre

“It was important to me to come to Jallianwala Bagh. Indian Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims were peacefully protesting against the British government. In response to peaceful act, General Dyer and his soldiers closed the gate and open fire on men, women and children.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan invites Indian enterprises to partner with UK

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Monday launched the Mayor’s International Business Programme in Mumbai, bringing with him 20 technological start-ups and companies to foster business ties between India and the United Kingdom. The move that comes after UK’s decision to exit the European Union, aims at forging better trade relations with non-European countries. “Many Indians have […]


UK made visa policy error, will lobby to change it, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan

On Monday, he is expected to make announcements on two cultural agreements signed between India and London. A film studio is also being set up in London to attract the Bollywood for production work.

London mayor Sadiq Khan shares picture of his puppy; Twitterati welcome the animal with open arms

Recently, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, announced the arrival of the newest addition to his family and shared pictures of the same. The picture of the cute puppy has melted hearts of the people on social media as Twitterati are showering their love on the animal.

London fire: Questions need to be answered over safety of towers, says Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Fire: Some residents of London's Grenfell Towers reportedly said they were advised to stay in their flats in the event of a fire

London Mayor Sadiq Khan: 'Don't have time to respond to Donald Trump's tweets'

"My focus, since Saturday, has been on dealing with the horrific attack on our city, on Londoners and visitors. I've really not got time to respond to tweets from Donald Trump," Sadiq Khan said.