Russian Cyber Warfare

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Russia apparently hacking Winter Olympics emails: Report

Russian hackers have struck before the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The email leak of IOC employees is in retailation to an IOC ban, which prohibits Russian athletes from participating.

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Russian Twitter accounts sowed discord around 2016 Brexit referendum vote: Report

A group of data scientists has found 156,252 Russian accounts on Twitter which mentioned #Brexit and posted nearly 45,000 messages related to the EU referendum in the 48 hours around the vote.

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Russian hackers attacked British energy, telecom, media sectors: Govt cyber defense official

Russian cyber operatives have attacked Britain’s media, telecommunications and energy sectors over the past year, according to prepared remarks by the head of the government’s main cyber defense agency.

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Russian hackers stole US cyber secrets from NSA: Media reports

Russian government-backed hackers stole highly classified US cyber secrets in 2015 from the National Security Agency after a contractor put information on his home computer, two newspapers reported on Thursday.

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Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky’s CEO offers up code for US govt scrutiny

In an interview with The Associated Press at his Moscow headquarters, Eugene Kaspersky said Saturday there’s never been any truth to rumors of his work with Russian intelligence.