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Govt’s role should be that of a fire brigade, lend a helping hand to farmers in a crisis: Pasha Patel

"During drought, the government can employ the services of agriculture workers for water conservation and tree plantation works for the next five months under MNEREGA. The Centre and state are working closely to find solutions to this vexed problem," says Maharashtra Agriculture Price Commission chairman.

‘Economic activity in rural Maharashtra likely to be healthy for next 12 months’: report

The study, which looked at large Indian states experiencing rural distress, drew its conclusions based on three parameters.


Growth fails to lift farm fortunes

The fact of farm prices rising at a slower pace than general inflation probably explains the spurt in agrarian unrest, particularly visible since April-June 2017.

Maharashtra: In three months, 639 farmers committed suicide owing to crop failure and debt

"Of the 188, families of 174 farmers have received compensation," Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil said, saying 122 cases were declared ineligible for compensation, while 329 cases are pending for further investigation.

SSNNL advisory to farmers: Do not sow water-intensive crops

Chairman and Managing Director of SSNNL S S Rathore said, “We give farmers such advisory every year. It is only that we have given it in a formal form of an advertisement this year.”

The Age of Surplus

We have, indeed, entered a regime of “permanent surpluses” in most crops — a reality our policymakers are unable to grasp, stuck as they are in the era of the Essential Commodities Act.


NREGA giving only 46 of 100-day work: Workers’ alliance

Activists said that this goes against the spirit of the demand-driven scheme, which has seen a spurt in demand due to rural distress triggered by droughts, floods, and post-demonetisation reverse migration.

Three farmers end lives in Madhya Pradesh; 15 suicides reported since June 8

According to the National Crime Record Bureau, Madhya Pradesh is leading in farmers' suicide after Maharashtra.