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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ronald Reagan

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Trump’s travel ban not a first, US immigration laws go as far as 1798

Following the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, President Jimmy Carter severed diplomatic relations with Iran and enacted a law to ban Iranians from entering the US in 1980. The present partially-approved travel ban initiated by President Donald Trump also includes Iran.

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Will Ferrell to play former President Ronald Reagan in biopic

Will Ferrell has been tapped to play Ronald Reagan, in an upcoming biopic aptly titled “Reagan”.

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US had warned Zia of Indian strike on Pakistan n-sites

Reagan administration’s fears were based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analysis about an Indian reaction to Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

Is Modi the next Reagan, or a cliche? US TV shows debate

The piece starts by calling him America’s Next Top Modi and gives a snapshot of the show at Madison Square Garden.

Still waiting

Modi government has made tactical changes, not strategic policy shifts, to restart growth.

Modi operandi

Modi will be itching to spread the Gujarati rate of growth across India.

Minimum government, maximum risks

Tough decisions made by Modi in Year 1 will pay off handsomely in Year 5.

Two-foot blood clot removed from man’s heart in California

US doctors have successfully removed a deadly two-foot blood clot out of a 62-year-old patient’s heart.

Govt misses mark,has a lot of ground to cover

Experts say fair price shops won’t help since veggie crisis has decade-long roots in shrinking cultivation area and produce

Ronald Reagan,Bill Clinton rated best recent US presidents

FDR ranked among top of the class while Lincoln received D for poor economic performance.

Father’s death shaped life of V-P hopeful

Representative Paul D. Ryan’s childhood home here was not overtly partisan

Missing for 28 yrs,US air force deserter in Sweden

Angered by Reagan’s policies,Hemler,then 21,went to Sweden,his family thought he was dead

Reagan had Alzheimer’s as US president,reveals son

In a book,Ron Reagan writes he had an inkling of trouble three years into his father’s first term.

White House to go green,to get solar panels

This is in reflection of Obama’s policy of promoting alternative and clean sources of energy.

Ronald Reagan movie planned for 2011

The story of Ronald Reagan’s life — from boyhood to Hollywood actor to leader of the free world — is about to spill out on the big screen.