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Romanian constitutional ban on same sex marriage fails on low vote turnout

Religiously conservative Romania, which decriminalised homosexuality in 2001 decades after neighbouring countries, bars marriage and civil partnerships for same sex couples.

Romanians to vote on constitutional ban on same sex marriage

The conservative eastern European state already does not allow marriage or civil partnerships for same-sex couples, nor does it recognise those performed abroad.


Romania seeks EU funds to deal with African swine fever

The Veterinary Health and Food Safety Authority said Thursday that 230,000 pigs had been slaughtered and that 900 outbreaks have been reported around the country, with the southeast the worst affected.

Romania: Violent protest leaves 440 needing medical treatment

The anti-government protest in Bucharest Friday drew tens of thousands Romanians from abroad and local residents who demanded the government resign over moves to change laws that critics say would make it harder to prosecute corruption.

Romanian president to seek new term, backs corruption fight

President Klaus Iohannis said he decided to make the announcement after Social Democratic leader Liviu Dragnea was given a 3-year jail sentence this week.

Romanian lawmakers aim to ban bad odors

A party statement says that despite clean air laws, Romanian citizens frequently complain of "olfactory discomfort" from garbage dumps, animal farms and petrochemical fumes.


National day celebrations in Romania exposes divisions over justice system

The US State Department called on Romania's Parliament to reject laws that would weaken the anti-corruption fight.

FEATURE -Romania’s Roma rise up with revolutionary theatre

"The topics we address are causing debate and I feel that we are contributing to this change,” said Moldovan. "We usually play with a full house, so people do really want to see what we are showing them. This is what gives me strength to go on.”

Romanian lawmakers oust Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu in no-confidence vote

Romania is seen as one of the European Union's most corrupt states and Brussels has kept its justice system under special monitoring since it joined the bloc in 2007.

Deadly fire leaves 27 dead, 180 injured at nightclub in Bucharest

Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea initially said an explosion occurred at Colectiv club, but authorities heading the rescue effort later said there had been a fire and no explosion.

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Romanian authorities investigate nightclub blaze

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has expressed his grief and anger during a visit to the nightclub in Bucharest where 27 people were killed in a fire on Friday night.