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Robert Downey Jr reveals NASA has named a Mars rock after Rolling Stones

NASA named a little stone after the legendary Rolling Stones after its InSight robotic lander captured it rolling across the surface of Mars last year, and the new moniker was announced by Robert Downey Jr.

Ronnie Wood welcomes twins at age 68

Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood has become a father again at 68.


Rolling Stones in Cuba: Band delivers historic free concert before hundreds of thousands

In the heat of Cuba's revolution from the 1960s to the 1980s, foreign bands such as The Rolling Stones were considered subversive and blocked from the radio.

Rolling Stones saved me from suicide: Keith Richards

Guitarist Keith Richards has credited his Rolling Stones bandmates with saving him from suicide following the death of his baby son.

Rolling Stones' next album in works: Keith Richards

Keith Richards has revealed the rock band has definite plans to record its next work, which will follow 2005 studio album "A Bigger Bang".

Rolling Stones to announce US tour?

English rock band Rolling Stones are rumoured to be announcing a tour of North America.


The Rolling Stones release video thanking fans

English rock band The Rolling Stones have released a message to fans online.

Rolling Stones saxophonist Bobby Keys dies at 70

Bobby Keys, the saxophonist who toured with The Rolling Stones for more than 45 years, died at his home in Franklin, Tennessee

Rolling Stones cancel concert due to Mick Jagger's illness

The Rolling Stones have been forced to cancel their concert in Melbourne after singer Mick Jagger developed a throat infection.

New swamp fossil named after Mick Jagger

The Jaggermeryx naida, or 'Jagger's water nymph', lived 19 million years ago in Africa, reported Daily Telegraph.