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Rohit Shekhar Tiwari murder: Wife tells court she fears for her life, seeks separate cell

The investigating agency told the court that though the accused has been sent to judicial custody, they might seek her remand in future as the investigation into the case has not been concluded.

ND Tiwari’s son murder case: troubled courtship, then came marriage

'Their courtship period was quite unstable, and the two broke up towards the end of 2017 and got back together in 2018, after which they got married,' said a close relative of Rohit on condition of anonymity.


ND Tiwari’s son murder case: Rohit’s wife arrested, police say she strangled him with bare hands

On Wednesday, Apoorva was produced at Saket district court, as police sought her three-day remand to reconstruct the crime scene and rule out the possibility of any other suspects.

9-year-old rescued from well after 36 hrs

His abductor threw him in well for refusing to follow diktat.

Punjab boy rescued from well after 36 hrs

The child,severely famished and thirsty,had spent 36 hours in the well.