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When Rohingya refugees fled to India, hate on Facebook followed

Some Hindu nationalists called the Rohingya terrorists and shared videos on the social network in which the leader of India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party vowed to expel the minority group and other Muslim “termites.”

Elephants face 'time bomb' in Bangladesh land clash with Rohingya refugees

Raquibul Amin, Bangladesh representative for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), said as a quick fix in February 2018 they built 95 towers and trained a team to watch, raise the alarm and guide elephants out of camps.


Arrested in Tripura, Rohingyas group claims they were forced to flee Jammu

The BSF arrested and handed over 31 Rohingyas to Tripura Police on Tuesday morning

The right balance

India ought to engage Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis; expelling refugees will diminish its stature on the global stage

UN says Rohingya refugee girls are being sold into forced labour in Bangladesh

"They are desperate to get out of the camps to make some money," Barua told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Cox's Bazar.

Plea in SC against Centre's move to deport 7 Rohingyas to Mayanmar

The fresh plea has been filed challenging the decision of the Centre to deport seven Rohingya immigrants, who have been staying in Assam illegally, to their home country Myanmar on Thursday.


United Nations warns of 'lost generation' of Rohingya children

One year since 700,000 Rohingyas fled a violent crackdown by Myanmar security forces in Rakhine state, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) gave a bleak assessment of the outlook for children on either side of the border.

Are Rohingya a threat? New book seeks to answer

Author Akshay Jog says he understands there will be criticism about his views, but his only motive is national security.

World Bank to provide up to $480 million to aid Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The aid will help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh receive maternal, neonatal, infant, child, and adolescent health and nutrition services, reproductive healthcare and family planning support, the World Bank said.

Myanmar rejects citizenship reform at private Rohingya talks

Buddhist-majority Myanmar does not recognise the Rohingya as an indigenous ethnic group and refers to them as "Bengalis", a term they reject as it implies they are interlopers from Bangladesh, despite a long history in the country.

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Why Rakhine Jihad Is An Emerging Nightmare For Bangladesh

About 422,000 refugees from Myanmar have poured into Bangladesh since August 25, 2017. Attacks by Rohingya militants on security posts triggered an offensive response by Myanmar army that has led to this humanitarian crisis. Indian Express’ Praveen Swami reports on the emerging security nightmare from the Myanmar-Bangladesh border.