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Monday, March 30, 2020

Rodrigo Duterte


Philippines' Duterte in China amid expectation he'll raise sea disputes

August 29, 2019 3:06 pm

The 2016 Hague arbitration mostly invalidated China's claim to virtually the entire South China Sea and found that it violated the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Duterte: Can't stop China in disputed seas, won't risk clash

July 23, 2019 8:54 am

"When Xi says `I will fish,' who can prevent him?'' Duterte said as he defended his nonconfrontational approach to China over the territorial disputes in his annual state of the nation address before a joint session of Congress.

UN rights council to investigate killings in Philippine drug war

July 12, 2019 12:32 pm

The UN’s 47-member Human Rights Council supported a resolution led by Iceland that turned a spotlight on wide-ranging abuses, including killings; enforced disappearances; arbitrary arrests; and persecution of rights activists, journalists, lawyers and members of the political opposition.

Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte dares foes to test him: 'Impeach me, I'll jail you'

June 28, 2019 1:16 pm

Some high-profile critics, among them a top judge and a former foreign minister, have called that a breach of the constitution, or worthy of his impeachment.

Southeast Asia talking trash (literally) with West: Indonesia is latest in line

July 31, 2019 3:21 pm

Faced with a massive trash problem of their own making, Southeast Asia too is pushing back and increasingly rejecting foreign trash imports fearing they could become the next dumping ground.

Philippines recalls envoys in Canada over trash shipments

May 16, 2019 3:56 pm

Duterte threatened last month to forcibly ship the containers of garbage back to Canada and dump some at its embassy in Manila if Canadian officials don't take back the waste.

Duterte expected to strengthen clout after Philippine mid-term 'referendum'

May 13, 2019 1:42 pm

Duterte won the 2016 presidential election by a big margin as an alternative candidate and a no-nonsense newcomer on a national stage traditionally held by Manila elites, powerful dynasties or famous politicians tainted by scandals.

Maria Ressa, Philippine journalist critical of President Rodrigo Duterte, is arrested

February 14, 2019 8:44 am

Rodrigo Duterte has not tried to hide his disdain for journalists, calling reporters “sons of bitches” and “spies” and even warning that they are “not exempted from assassination.”

Philippine lawyer who resisted Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war gunned down

November 08, 2018 1:19 pm

Benjamin Ramos is the 34th lawyer killed since Duterte became president two years ago.

Rodrigo Duterte calls Hitler 'insane' at Holocaust memorial

September 04, 2018 9:28 am

The comments marked a dramatic turnaround for Duterte, who just two years ago had compared his anti-drug campaign to the Holocaust and said he would be ``happy to slaughter'' 3 million addicts. He later apologized.