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After vacuum cleaner Roomba, why we haven't had any other successful home robot products?

Despite persistent optimism, roboticists and AI researchers have painfully learned that while computers can run mathematical circles around humans, things that humans do without thinking are the most difficult for machines.

Tiny, flexible robotic spider could aid future surgeries

The smallest soft robotic systems still tend to be very simple, with usually only one degree of freedom, which means that they can only actuate one particular change in shape or type of movement.


Humans can be emotionally manipulated by robots

Interactive robots can emotionally manipulate people, say scientists who found that we have a strong tendency to ascribe human-like attributes to machines.

Study suggests robots when left unsecured on Internet allow hackers to control them

For the study, a team of researchers carried out a worldwide scan in search of hosts running the Robot Operating System (ROS) over three different periods in 2017 and 2018.

Tiny robots to soon compete in Olympic-style tests

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is testing tiny robots in Olympic-style events, to test the proficiency of robots to search and rescue operations.

The Cheetah 3 robot can run and jump without seeing

The design may also be used for exploring disaster zones and other dangerous or inaccessible environments and versatile tasks such as power plant inspection.


E-whiskers may help lend sense of touch to future robots

Researchers have created 'e-whiskers', that mimic the sensitive abilities of their natural counterparts, to help create future robotics and prosthetics.

New system lets you control robots with brain waves, hand gestures

They showed that the system works on users it has never interacted with before, meaning that organisations could deploy it in real-world settings without needing to train it on users.

Automated robotic device developed for faster blood testing

Scientists have created a robot that is able to quickly draw and test blood samples, in an effort to quicken treatment methods.

New e-skin wirelessly activates fully soft robots: Study

Scientists have developed an electronic skin, or e-skin, that has the sensitivity and mechanics like a human hand, and is capable of building soft robots.

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Students in Coimbatore display self-made drones

Coimbatore, Feb 28 (ANI): The students from standard third to eight participated in an International Robotics Festival organised by robotic academy IroboChakra in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore city. They were trained into making simple robots and drones after which they created their own functional robots and displayed the same before the people. The participants made drones, Robo Arms, Power saw, Truck robo, Humanoid among others. The students also explained their creations. The winners of the competition will compete at the international level in May 2016 in the United States. robotic academy.