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Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe died from cancer, says President Mnangagwa

Robert Mugabe, who led Zimbabwe to independence and crushed his foes during nearly four decades of rule that impoverished his country, died on September 6 aged 95 in Singapore.

Mugabe's body brought home to Zimbabwe, burial place still a mystery

Mugabe, one of the last "Big Men" of African politics who ruled the southern African nation for 37 years until he was ousted by his own army in November 2017, died in a Singapore hospital five days ago.


Mugabe's body leaves Singapore for burial in Zimbabwe

Mugabe died on Friday aged 95 in Singapore, where he had long received medical treatment. He had dominated Zimbabwean politics for almost four decades from independence in 1980 until he was removed by his own army in a November 2017 coup.

My ties with Zimbabwe have been cut: Henry Olonga on how Robert Mugabe changed his life

Henry Olonga fled Zimbabwe 16 years ago because of Robert Mugabe and his 'henchmen'. His cricket career ended prematurely because he chose to take a stand against his country's government. Speaking on Mugabe, Olonga says his legacy could so easily have been so much different.

Explained: Robert Mugabe and his connect with India

Throughout his rule, Zimbabwe’s longtime leader Robert Mugabe shared close ties with India’s leadership. He visited India seven times, his last visit being in 2017.

Robert Mugabe to be buried at hilltop shrine in Zimbabwe

Mugabe, who was 95 when he died Friday in Singapore, will be laid to rest in Harare at the National Heroes Acre, which has been set aside for Zimbabweans who have made huge sacrifices during the war against white-minority rule and who dedicated themselves to the nation.


Mugabe’s reign began with Bob Marley and good schools. Despotism soon followed

And until his ouster in 2017 and his death, announced Friday, the tantalizing riddle of the Mugabe regime was the question of what had turned a hero of Africa’s liberation — and self-proclaimed champion of universal suffrage — into a despot.

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe dies at 95

Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for more than three decades, was ousted from power in a military coup in 2017.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s longtime strongman, dies at 95

The death was announced by his successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa takes oath as US censure hangs over vote

Thousands of Zimbabweans, some bussed in, and foreign leaders including South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa and Paul Kagame of Rwanda gathered at Harare's national stadium for Sunday's swearing-in.

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From hero to villain, Robert Mugabe's 37-year-old governance ends

The 93-year-old politician resigned shortly after an impeachment process, the only legit way to force the leader out of hpower, was initiated in the parliament.