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Doctors: Driving on bad roads can lead to serious whiplash injuries, other problems

Chandigarh Newsline in a series of stories has highlighted the condition of Chandigarh roads and how Rs 50.73 crore spent in two years has literally gone down the drain.

Goa DGP defends 'Traffic Sentinel' scheme for citizens to report traffic offences

Tourism industry stakeholders have said the scheme is detrimental to the sector, and local residents have been protesting against the "sentinels" intruding their privacy. Both ruling and opposition MLAs have said the scheme can be misused.


‘Level of awareness about traffic rules among Chandigarh residents is high compared to people from other states’

Parminder Chabbra, 60, traffic marshal with Chandigarh traffic police since 2009, lost four of his family members in a road accident in 1985, which proved a turning point in his life. He tells Saurabh Prashar challan drives are essential for curbing traffic violations.

Kolkata: Deaths due to road accidents halved since 2014, says Police

“The latest data available till December 2018 shows a decrease in the number of deaths due to road accidents. Efforts are on to further reduce such accidents,” said a police officer.

Mumbai: Audit of arterial and minor roads to assess accident spots, safety design

The move came in the wake of a Supreme Court order that was passed a year ago to check rising number of accidents and deaths on state highways and other roads by removing engineering defects in the planning stage.

Mumbai road safety report: Of 490 deaths in 2017, 83% victims were men

The report states that elderly men and women have the highest risk while walking on roads and pedestrian death rate is higher among those aged 65 years and above.


Tamil Nadu state government has now enforced helmet rule; here is how you can comply

The CTPD (Chennai Traffic Police Department) has said they will take strict action against the riders who are found without the helmet and assured they will take adequate measures by spreading more awareness to the public about the need of wearing helmets.

Supreme Court express concern over deaths in accidents due to potholes

Terming the situation as "frightening", the bench observed that the issue involves a serious question of life and death of a person.

Nitin Gadkari asks automakers to bring in safer designs to curb road accidents

KK Kapila, Chairman IRF, was of the view that strict enforcement with appropriate penalties, accompanied by public awareness of laws will be a critical factor in reducing road traffic injuries and deaths.

Phone use slows down drivers’ reaction by up to 204 per cent, reveals IIT-Bombay study

The study found that in case of a pedestrian crossing the road, drivers having a simple conversation took 40 per cent longer to react compared to those who did not use a phone. In case of complex texting, the reaction time was 204 per cent more.

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News in Numbers: Potholes claim more lives than terror attacks

#NewsInNumbers In 2017, potholes claimed more lives than terror and naxal attacks. See more: