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ISRO's RLV test: It's all about lowering the cost of satellite launches

What distinguishes each of ISRO's missions, however, is the cost: almost all the missions, including the Moon and Mars missions, have been executed at a fraction of the cost of similar missions by other space agencies.

ISRO RLV-TD launch: PM Modi congratulates scientists

RLV, being dubbed as India's own space shuttle, is the unanimous solution to achieve low cost, reliable and on-demand space access, according to ISRO scientists.


India's RLV-TD reusable space shuttle launch: All you need to know

India today successfully launched a Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) space shuttle and here's why it matters.

RLV: India's first reusable space shuttle

The RLV Technology Demonstration (RLV-TD), that aims to ultimately put satellites into orbit around earth and then re-enter atmosphere, will be carried up on a solid rocket motor.

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ISRO RLV launch: Check out India's first reusable space shuttle

ISRO's RLV -TD is the first step in an Indian effort to develop a 'Two Stage To Orbit' fully reusable vehicle. Check out the pictures.