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Randeep Hooda: Glad that I am termed underrated

Randeep Hooda said: "I think it would be pompous to say I am an underrated actor."

Low birth weight 'may increase heart and kidney disease risk'

Proper growth of the baby in the womb will help to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases


'Sexting' again linked to risky sex among teens

Research found that girls in who'd sent naked photos were more likely to engage in risky sex.

Why parents should allow kids to take risks

Parents should allow their kids to climb trees and glue their fingers together.

Pregnant women at risk,Maharashtra working on new H1N1 protocol

Following the recent death of four pregnant women in the state due to H1N1,the state government has begun drafting a new treatment protocol for these high-risk patients....

German retail giant goes bust,43,000 jobs at risk

German retail and tourism giant Arcandor filed for bankruptcy today,putting around 43,000 jobs at risk after Berlin dismissed the company's request for emergency state aid.


New Oxford research on Alzheimers risk to young adults

Young adults with a genetic variant that raises their risk of developing Alzheimers disease show changes in their brain activity decades before any symptoms might arise.

Viewing TV two hours a day ‘doubles asthma risk’

Young children who spend more than two hours glued to the TV every day double their risk of developing asthma,a study has found.

Elective C-sections carry increased risks

Thousands of women put their babies at needless risk of respiratory problems,hypoglycemia and other ailments by scheduling caesarean...