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Autorickshaw strike hits commuters, cabs too

The anger of autorickshaw union stems from the fact that radio cab service providers have ‘eaten into’ their business.

Only 2 prepaid autorickshaw counters in city

This despite the high demand for such commuter-friendly facilities.


Auto owners rue RTA decision on compulsory meter calibration

The RTA on Saturday decided to implement a fare hike from Rs 11 to 17 for 1.5 km

Auto fare hike: Delay in setting up CNG pumps to blame

The delay in clearances to set up Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations has hit the fares of autos running on CNG.

Rickshaw Panchayat threatens stir over inadequate CNG pumps

The Rickshaw Panchayat has threatened to go on a strike for an indefinite period if the repeated promise of setting up new CNG filling stations is not met with immediately.

Auto unions meet today to decide on fare hike

Unhappy with the state government over the implementation of the Hakim Committee report,auto rickshaw unions in the city have called a meeting on Saturday to decide further course of action.


Autorickshaw unions may reconsider decision to go on strike from Aug 15

After the meeting of Regional Transport Authority with oil companies,CNG pump owners,autorickshaw drivers and owners on Friday,autorickshaw unions in the city may decide to drop their decision of going on strike from August 15.

Auto union threatens stir

Autorickshaw unions in the city have threatened to go on strike after August 15 if a decision on improving the supply of CNG is not taken by the state by then.

‘Roll back petrol price hike by May 31 or face increase in auto-rickshaw fares’

Rickshaw Panchayat president Baba Adhav said on Saturday that if the petrol price hike is not rolled back by May 31,autorickshaw owners will have to hike fares.

From today,autos without e-meters illegal,says RTO

Autorickshaws without electronic meters will now be considered illegal in the city.