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Richard Nixon opposed India in 1972 war, thought its actions would set "bad precedent", classified documents reveal

As per the documents, Nixon said the US faced a situation in South Asia in which India, a nation of 600 million people with a democratic government moved against Pakistan, a smaller nation with some 60 million people under a military junta.

Watergate historian Kutler dies; sued to release Nixon tapes in 1996

Watergate scandal had drove President Nixon from office in 1974.


Modi goes to Pakistan

Statesmen are not born but made by history. In Narendra Modi, history has the best chance of steering India towards its true idea

No Exit: How not to resign

When Richard Nixon quit office in the ’70s,his letter to the Secretary of State went like this

Ahead of 1971 war,Nixon branded his own envoy to India a 'traitor'

Nixon wanted to fire Kenneth B Keating,the then US ambassador to India.

Not Bengalis,Hindus were Pakistani targets in 1971 Bangladesh War,claims new book

Gary J Bass's 'The Blood Telegram' details the genocide carried out ahead of the war.


Veteran British journalist David Frost dies at 74

obituary: Frost’s grilling made US Ex-president Nixon own up to wrongdoing,abusing power during the watergate scandal

A family dynasty gives up Washington Post to Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Post faces questions about future of newspaper biz 'to which we have no answers': Graham

Stranger Truths

Richard Nixon,Jumbo jet,Concorde,Apollo 11,Woodstock,the Manson Family rampage,colour TV,Unix,Led Zeppelin,Monty Python,Butch Cassidy,Midnight Cowboy,the Beatles frozen in motion crossing Abbey Road,My Lai — in the global memory the watershed year of 1969 means Anglo-American politics,technology,entertainment and warfare.

Yellow loses its lustre

In the decade between 2001 and 2012,gold prices galloped from Rs 4,300/10 gm in 2001 to a high of Rs 31,799/10 gm in 2012. But since then,the gold market has showed signs of weakening,resulting in a gold crash that began last Thursday. What went wrong?