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Jolt for Samajwadi Party- Shia cleric’s call to Muslims: ‘Unite, seek revenge against govt’

“In the coming elections, vote unitedly. Wherever you vote but vote unitedly. Today’s world is about vote. We will take revenge of the atrocities on Muslims in the elections,” said the Lucknow-based cleric.

Shades of grey

SHE hasn’t had an active career since 2008.


Man kills wife’s ‘rapist’ in Bhopal court,arrested

In asensational case of revenge killing,a man shot dead a criminal,who had allegedly raped his wife five months ago,on the premises of a court in Bhopal.

Revenge-for-hire service to get even with your enemies

Want to get even with your friends,loved ones and colleagues? Well,a revenge-for-hire service might just do the trick for you.

Al-Qaeda swears vengeance for killing of Uighurs: Report

Al-Qaeda has vowed to avenge the deaths of Muslims in China's Urumqi city by targeting the country's workforce in northwest Africa.

Rihanna to leak Chris Brown's nude photos as revenge

Singing sensation Rihanna is planning to make public Chris Brown's "unflattering" nude photographs.