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Small Plates, Big Flavour

NicoCaara stages beautiful plates with seasonal and organic produce as their main protagonists but leaves you wanting more

Soul Curry

Chi Asian Cookhouse blends the region’s flavours into a contiguous culinary landscape.


Bored of pizzas and burgers? Try tasty, healthy pita sandwiches

If you are looking for a healthy and filling meal within a tight budget, then Pita pit is a great option.

Moti Mahal, Daryaganj: The world-famous restaurant continues to live its legacy

In sharp contrast to its rich cuisine is its dim interior and sparse occupancy. Today, this legendary restaurant seems to be dwindling.

Beneath the Skin

At The Pop-Up restaurant with a modern European menu, textures and flavours speak with an Indian accent

Why I couldn't stop hogging at Nando’s: Restaurant review by a true-blue chicken lover

Nando’s does not just serve chicken they make it. They carefully blend and marinate the chicken and cook it the same way every time.


Holy Smoke is here to light up the culinary sky

It happened. And we didn’t even have to sacrifice to Great Cthulhu. Holy Smoke,which just raised shutters in Gurgaon, gives us the meaty mainstay we have been waiting for. The space is explicitly carnivorous, from the butcher hooks hanging from a faux rail to the monumental bar supported by moulds of very real goat carcasses […]

Beyond Burritos

A new Mexican restaurant in the city is offering a riot of tastebud-tingling flavours

The Revelatory Duck, and others

At this new Thai restaurant, flavours are 3D and spice mixes, your own.

Head to the Hills

Apart from a large Continental offering , there are also all-day breakfasts and a variety of drinks.