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Fish consumption linked to better sleep and higher IQ

Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which have numerous health benefits. Among other things, these help in the relaxation of muscles, in digestion and in the clotting of blood. 

Strong political beliefs may hamper ability to think logically: Study

The research, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, also shows that when confronted with the unsound reasoning of opposing groups, people become better able to identify flawed logic.


Ahmedabad: MSU researcher gets global grant for vesicular trafficking study

The purpose of this five-year-long research is to understand the functionality of these proteins and their role in metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and neuronal diseases.

In the wake of global warming, it is best to switch to a "flexitarian diet", says study

The study found that if the world shifted to a "flexitarian diet" or a plant-based diet, greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be reduced by more than half. 

Anti-inflammatory diet that includes coffee, chocolate, and wine, can add years to your life: Study

The new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine has found that tweaking one's diet to include "anti-inflammatory" foods in it is associated with a lower risk of dying early. 

Air pollution particles found in mothers' placentas: Study

'Sooty particles' were found in the placentas of five pregnant British women who consented to the experiment. This new research suggests a possible mechanism of how babies are negatively impacted by pollution while they are still in the womb.


You are eating plastic in salt, finds IIT Bombay study

The study revealed that Indians are consuming about 117 micrograms of microplastic annually if the average person has a daily salt intake of 5 grams. Alarming, right?

In India, most research is not converted into practical approach to impact society: Nishigandha Naik

"Research that is happening here goes on a shelf. This is unfortunate. We also complain that we do not have enough budget, but at same time, we have to find other resources for funding," says Nishigandha Naik, the director-in-charge at Haffkine Institute.

Silk protein kills zika, dengue vector: study

According to the team, a film, coated with silver and gold nanoparticles and obtained from protein of mulberry silk, was able to completely kill the larva of aedes aegypti.

Smartphones keep students distracted during lectures: Study

Smartphones in class may affect the students' ability to concentrate, eventually hampering their academic performance, warns a new research.

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Muslim girl researches on Vishnu Puran

Rajkot, Jan 14 (ANI): A visually-impaired muslim girl Sida Ruksana is pursuing Master of Philosophy in Vishnu Puran. Ruksana asserted that despite being a muslim, she chose Vishunu Puran as her research topic as religion and education are not correlated. Professor of Sanskirt Bhawan (Saurashtra University), MK Moliya said that Ruksana herself proposed to take up Vishnu Puran as her research topic.