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Silk protein kills zika, dengue vector: study

According to the team, a film, coated with silver and gold nanoparticles and obtained from protein of mulberry silk, was able to completely kill the larva of aedes aegypti.

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Smartphones keep students distracted during lectures: Study

Smartphones in class may affect the students’ ability to concentrate, eventually hampering their academic performance, warns a new research.

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Augmented tongue ultrasound for speech therapy developed

A team of researchers have developed a system that uses an ultrasound to display movements of tongues in real time, a finding which may help patients with tongue surgery to improve their speech.

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ICHR to map ancient Indian scientific achievements

Historians to analyse literature from Vedic era to 18th Century.

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From the lab: Next-gen monitors to help fighter pilots cut out distractions

Using optics, material sciences, electronics and precise designing to develop an advanced head-up display for aircraft.

Paper Clip: Check in the mirror, your looks could kill

Results of the study showed that individuals who are perceived to be untrustworthy also actually suffer for their phizogs — and that in extreme cases this suffering may be literally fatal.

Charity begins at Facebook with less friends

People with fewer friends on Facebook raise more money for charity than those with lots of connections.

E-readers not good for sleep: Research

It would be a better idea to read paper books before sleeping as use of e-readers can adversely impact overall health.

Deer vaccine may prevent brain disorder in humans

A vaccine that researchers developed to fight a fatal brain disorder in animals also holds promise for similar brain infections among humans.

Lost memories can be restored: Research

Researchers may be able to restore lost memories in early-stage Alzheimer’s patients, suggests a new study.

Language of emotion is vague

Definition of emotions such as shame and pride have remained vague as our society treats emotion as a negligible and largely destructive matter.

Do not consume unnecessary antibiotics

Researchers have found that consuming an unnecessary amount of antibiotics could lead to a major public health concern.

Excessive Facebook use could lead to poor impulse control: Research

Excessive online social networking is addictive and could lead to poor impulse control.

Unhealthy environment tunes kids’ genes for anti-social behaviour: Research

Family conflict or sexual abuse could affect kids’ genes for anti-social behaviour.

Brain inflammation may lead to autism

These new findings could bring scientists one step closer to solving the mystery about the disease.