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Parliament not immune to casting couch, says Renuka Chowdhury

Renuka Chowdhury also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that he had “denigrated” her dignity when he said during a debate in the Rajya Sabha that she reminded him of a character in the television serial Ramayan.

Parliament not immune to sexual misconduct: Renuka Chowdhury on Saroj Khan casting couch remarks

"...It's time India also stands up and says #MeToo," Renuka Chowdhury said.


Venkaiah responds to Renuka: 'Reduce your weight, make efforts to increase weight of party'

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday, in a jocular vein, asked Renuka Chowdhury to lose weight and make efforts to increase the weight of her party.

Shurpnakha, Draupadi and Renuka Choudhury : a trio of 'unruly' women?

When all the grandees are witnessing her unspeakable humiliation in the royal assembly, Draupadi has the nerve and wisdom to remind them of something of eternal significance: 'The elders who hesitate to speak for dharma are not worth their salt'

Pavlovian reflex of MPs to PM Modi remark shatters myth that govt is working for women, says Renuka Chowdhury

Last week, PM Modi reacted to Chowdhury’s laughter during his speech in Rajya Sabha, with the remark, “Ramayan serial ke baad aisi hasi sunne ka ab saubhagya mila hain.

No GST on laughter, don't need permission to laugh: Renuka Chowdhury

"I had challenged the authority with my laughter. Parliament makes laws, but we need to educate the lawmakers on how to treat women as their equals and that they are here in their own rights. Parliament is a reflection of what our society is," Renuka Chowdhury said.


Who’s afraid of laughing women?

Renuka Chowdhury’s booming laughter enraged leaders in Parliament. That one merry female parliamentarian should be singled out for ridicule is not surprising.

Congress vs BJP over Renuka Chowdhury’s laughter, PM Modi remark & Kiren Rijiju tweet

Union minister Kiren Rijiju, tweeted a video clip form the serial Ramayan, which Modi had referenced during his speech. Chowdhury said she will move a breach-of-privilege notice against Rijiju.