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Why more sex is better for your relationship

A study found that more often couples had sex, the more strongly they associated their partners with positive attributes.

Perils of a blind date: A male perspective

Has anyone ever bothered to advise men on how to escape a bad blind-date? Are bad blind-dates only a woman’s nightmare? Has anyone spared a thought for what men stuck with blind date go through?


Can't land yourself a date even after swiping endlessly? This is why

A recent study found that a majority of online daters are on a lookout for dates who are at least twenty-five percent more attractive than they are.

Hanging on a Thread

Chandan Gomes weaves a discussion around loneliness and online relationships using his photographs at the prestigious Rencontres d’Arles festival in France

Good relationships can boost your career

Relationships do not necessarily conflict with but help sustain one's personal growth. If you live in a constant fear of being abandoned, it can affect your career too.

Would you like to be matched at work?

First off, hookups happen everywhere, whether it’s at work or elsewhere. It’s the same people, after all, whether you meet at a bar, through common friends or at work, with or without an app. Potential partners can’t grow a sincerity gene, just because you happen to be a ‘pro’ match.


Let's Talk: Good news! You’re (probably) not a sex addict

Do we always think of sex? Is that wrong? Or are we just misconstruing a healthy and completely normal sexual appetite for something that it’s not?

If you are a good storyteller, your chances at wooing her have increased: Study

Study shows that women have rated men who are good storytellers as more desirable and as potential long-term partners.

Two to Tango: When the disconnect becomes too much between a couple

Willingness to work on issues bringing disconnection between the couples may help avoid unnecessary tension stemming from miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Political differences can affect relationship: Study

Associations with people of differing political views could lead to personality transformations and even affect relationships, says study.

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This cartoonist illustrates in 7 ways how relationships change over time

From prepping for dates and cuddling to physical intimacy, take a look at cartoonist Sarah C Andersen's illustrations on how relationships change over time.

10 ways to save your marriage/relationship

Handling a relationship has never been easy, and in today's high-stress environment, things have become even more difficult. Here are 10 tricky situations that you should be able to tackle to make sure the marriage boat doesn't rock.


Five things you should never tell your man

Dating expert Kezia Noble has put together a list of what should be avoided while talking to the man of your life, reports

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Gender politics: Teaching refugees about sex and consent

Refugees who are settling in Sweden are learning how to become members of Swedish society. For many newcomers from the Middle East, that means a shift in thinking about sex and relationships.