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Meet Banwang Losu, Arunachal man who scripted history by creating new alphabet for ancient tribal language

What started as a school boy’s project turned into a landmark event in the history of the Wancho tribe in Arunachal Pradesh: an independent script for their language that now has a place in the Unicode.

Southern Railways to staff: Use either English or Hindi... regional language should be avoided

The Southern Railways directive was issued to prevent "either side not understanding what is being said".


Why children need to read more books in their mother tongue

"It's not about the pride associated with local language, but demolishing the idea that standard languages are the only way to learn. Learning English shouldn't stop us from learning our mother tongue as well."

Language barrier

What’s the Sanskrit for auf Wiedersehen?

Make regional language title must for subsidy: Kerala film-makers committee

The trend of English titles would affect the prestigious status of Malayalam, which had been awarded classical language status and create an aversion among youth about the mother tongue