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The Axone story: a film dishes out a different take on a familiar Northeastern experience

Axone follows a day in the life of a group of Northeasterners in Delhi through a wedding, a feast, a landlord-tenant clash — and in them all, the quintessential Northeastern experience in the big city.

Seema, the untold story of how Tezpur rose to defend itself from the Chinese

In his new film, Seema — The Untold Story, National Award-winning filmmaker Hiren Bora pays a tribute to his hometown Tezpur, by evoking a pivotal moment in the town’s history: when it was almost taken over by China in 1962


In Assamese film, an epic rap battle and the road to elections

The General Elections are around the corner, and a new Assamese film captures the mood by fusing together two elements — politics and music — to tell a David-versus-Goliath tale set in rural Assam.

A Garo film from Meghalaya charts a true story of loss and longing 

Dominic Megam Sangma’s debut feature, Ma.Ama, is the only Indian film selected in the International Competition category at the ongoing Mumbai Film Festival 2018. And it's in Garo.

Hindi cinema fails to impress

While Bollywood films fell by the wayside, regional films did fairly well

Ajmal not comfortable with kissing scenes

The film was by debutante director Prabhu,an associate of filmmaker Shankar.