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Social media helps former child refugee find man who gifted her a cycle decades ago

Mevan Babakar, the 29-year-old employee of an independent fact-checking charity in the UK, recently tweeted a photo of the man who had bought her a cycle "out of the kindness of his own heart" and asked for help to find him

'When I look at the world today, I see that courage is needed more than ever': Amal Clooney

Physical abuse, restrictions on mobility of women, attacks on freedom of the press and injustices against the LGBT community are some issues, Amal Clooney highlights in this speech at Vanderbilt University in 2018.


Macquul, the catering service serving up a taste of Somalia in the heart of Delhi

Refugees who’ve made India home, open up their kitchens to break down prejudices and introduce Delhi-ites to their culture.

Tensions ahead of Australia camp closure on Papua New Guinea

"While the October 31 deadline looms, refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island have been getting stabbed, beaten, and robbed," Human Rights Watch's Australia director Elaine Pearson said in a statement.

Here is how various refugee communities have fared in India

India doesn’t have any law dealing with refugees. An utterly humanitarian matter like the ‘refugees’ has come to be influenced by considerations of national security or relations between countries.

Syrian refugee finds independence in Lebanon with hairdryer in hand

Aya is one of more than 1,200 female refugees from Syria that have been trained through an informal beauty school in Lebanon, learning blow-drying techniques, basic cutting, hair dying, make-up and eyebrow threading skills.


Australia reaches settlement with suing asylum seekers over treatment in immigration camp

The asylum seekers were seeking damages for alleged physical and psychological injuries they argue they suffered as a result of the conditions on Manus Island, as well as for false imprisonment. Their lawyer told the court they had reached a settlement with the Australian government.

Turkish border crossing closed as Syrians flee govt offensive

The United Nations said some 20,000 people have gathered at the Bab al-Salam crossing, hoping to reach Turkey, which already hosts more than two million refugees from the bloody conflict.

Merkel wants expulsion rules toughened after Cologne sex assaults

Both women's groups and supporters of the xenophobic PEGIDA movement mobilised in separate rallies in Cologne

Syrian refugee family re-routed to Connecticut after Indiana rejects them

Spokesman John Kirby said the US State Department respected the NGO's decision to re-route the family, but made it clear that the federal government did not agree with state governments blocking refugee settlement.

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Hard Look: Rohingya refugee camps in New Delhi & Haryana are absolutely unlivable, their lives deprived of basic dignity

The Indian Express visited four Rohingya refugee camps, two in New Delhi and two more in Haryana. Somya Lakhani tells the story of lives that are stripped of basic dignity.


Germany: Syrian refugee serves up Italian-Syrian fusion cuisine at Berlinale

Syrian refugee Mzkin Mattini helped cook up Italian-Syrian fusion cuisine at a food trailer located next to the main venue of the biggest German film festival, ‘Berlinale’, which opened on Thursday. A team under star Italian chef Roberto Petza offered the unique culinary experience to Berlinale visitors and others in the centre of the German […]

Turkey: Refugees treated at humanitarian aid hospital on Syrian border

Injured Syrian refugees were being treated at the Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid Foundation hospital at the Turkish-Syria border town of Kilis, Tuesday. The Kilis clinic of the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation was opened in 2013 with 32 beds. The clinic currently has 47 beds, all of which are full with victims from […]

Young Syrian refugees reunited with families in UK

Three teenagers and young disabled man leave squalor in Calais after activist group defeats British government in court.