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Erdogan’s dismissive retort on Armenian genocide shows how low US ties have sunk

For years, US lawmakers avoided officially describing as a genocide the 1915 killings of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, the precursor to the Republic of Turkey.

Trump warned Erdogan in letter: 'Don't be a tough guy' or 'a fool'

Trump had the letter released to bolster his view that he did not give Turkey a green light to invade Syria. Many lawmakers have been sharply critical of his decision to remove American forces from the conflict zone.


Erdogan says Turkey will never declare ceasefire in northern Syria

"They say 'declare a ceasefire'. We will never declare a ceasefire," Erdogan said. "They are pressuring us to stop the operation. They are announcing sanctions. Our goal is clear. We are not worried about any sanctions," he said.

Ahead of offensive, Turkey says it strikes Syria-Iraq border

Turkey says it is ready to advance into northeast Syria now that the United States has begun withdrawing troops from the Turkey-Syria frontier in an abrupt policy shift by US President Donald Trump widely criticised in Washington as a betrayal of America's allies, the Kurds.

Erdogan, Putin, Rouhani hold 'productive' talks on Syria

Foreign troops should leave Syria once terrorists are defeated and security reestablished, Russia's Vladimir Putin has said at a peace summit in Ankara. Turkey and Russia are at odds over a regime offensive in Idlib.

Turkey ex-PM Davutoglu close to being expelled from AKP party

Turkey's ex-PM is one step closer to being removed by his own party. This comes amid rumors of Erdogan's growing fears of being replaced by other high-profile party members.


Erdogan says Turkish central bank chief ousted for refusing rate cuts

Governor Murat Cetinkaya, whose four-year term was due to run until 2020, was replaced by his deputy Murat Uysal, a presidential decree published early on Saturday in the official gazette showed.

Turkey's Erdogan says S-400 systems will be delivered within 10 days: reports

Turkey and the United States, NATO allies, have been at odds over Ankara's decision to purchase the S-400s, with Washington warning of US sanctions if the delivery took place. Turkey has dismissed the warnings, saying it would not back down.

How a message of unity and mistakes by Erdogan tipped the Istanbul election

Imamoglu, 49, beat Erdogan and his party first in March and again in a rerun Sunday. His winning formula was a message of optimism and love that sought to appeal to the religious conservatives who formed the base of Erdogan’s support, as well as nationalists and the important Kurdish minority.

Explained: Why Istanbul Mayor poll result is a blow to President Erdogan

The poll outcome ends 25 years of AKP rule in Istanbul. Imamoglu garnered around 55% of the votes, one of the highest opposition records in recent elections.

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Turkey rules out unilateral ground intervention in Syria

Turkey is shelling Kurdish militia in Syria, but it has ruled out any unilateral ground intervention there. It comes as Russia asked the UN Security Council on Friday to call for Syria’s sovereignty to be respected – over concerns about a Turkish ground operation. “Turkey will not be going into Syria with the boots on […]