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Erdogan says Turkey committed to Russian missile defence deal

Erdogan also said an offer from the United States to sell Patriot missiles to Turkey was not as good as the Russian offer.

In break for Erdogan, Turkey orders new election for Istanbul mayor

Though Erdogan secured another five-year term as president with sweeping new powers in an election last year, he was rendered suddenly vulnerable by his party’s poor showing in the March 31 voting, which took place as the economy has begun to falter.


Turkey expects US not to end preferential trade treatment

The US Trade Representative (USTR) in early March said Turkey was no longer eligible to participate in the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program because it "is sufficiently economically developed."

Erdogan’s party demands new vote in Istanbul after losing election

Erdogan has cast doubt on the election and pressed the case for a do-over by citing examples of U.S. elections in which the margin was so narrow that the balloting was redone.

Explained: Why Turkey's local elections matter

While local elections in any country would be expected to draw little notice overseas, this particular vote was held nine months after the national elections that gave Erdogan an iron grip over his country, and at a time when Turkey is officially in a recession.

Turkey: President Tayyip Erdogan appears to concede Istanbul defeat after Ankara loss

"The people have voted in favour of democracy, they have chosen democracy," opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said


Explained: How Turkey’s local elections became a vote on Erdogan

With the outcome uncertain, Erdogan moved to stop a slide in the currency ahead of the vote, roiling Turkey’s financial markets.

In Istanbul, Erdogan remakes Taksim Square, a symbol of secular Turkey

This popular urban patch has been a symbol of the secular republic for nearly 100 years, but six years after deadly protests there, contentious changes have begun to alter its character in major ways.

Turkey's Erdogan, Trump discussed US withdrawal from Syria in phone call

During their phone call, Erdogan and Trump agreed that the US withdrawal from Syria should not damage the mutual goals of Ankara and Washington.

Turkey urges US to honour partnership after Trump warns of economic devastation

Trump tweeted earlier about the United States starting its pullout from Syria, while hitting the remaining Islamic State fighters there.

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Turkey rules out unilateral ground intervention in Syria

Turkey is shelling Kurdish militia in Syria, but it has ruled out any unilateral ground intervention there. It comes as Russia asked the UN Security Council on Friday to call for Syria’s sovereignty to be respected – over concerns about a Turkish ground operation. “Turkey will not be going into Syria with the boots on […]