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RBI’s bi-monthly review: Stable growth in hand, inflation, rains to be deciding factors

Food prices are a crucial determinant in whether the RBI will achieve its target of keeping inflation within 5% by March 2017.

Taking action against banks which hide NPAs: Raghuram Rajan

RBI Governor spoke to the media about issues from the bank’s independence to bad loans.


RBI, govt reach consensus on policy panel

Raghuram Rajan lists ‘three virtues’ of taking the monetary policy decision away from the Governor and assigning it to a committee.

Rajan for hike in tax exemption limit, says inflation still a concern

Such a shift in spending will also help in inflation management.

Cut in context

The 728-point jump in the Sensex immediately after the RBI announced a 0.25 per cent cut in its policy rate shows how desperately the economy was longing for a lowering of interest rates. But the absence of a further rise the next day showed that second thoughts were setting in. The market is beginning to […]

Errant borrowers

RBI does well to focus on the problem of imprudent lending.


Reserve Bank waits for better inflation signal

Status quo n Central bank says rate cut only after sustained low inflation, orderly fisc.

RBI plans greater flexibility in rules to aid loan restructuring

Banks will be able to increase their equity holdings above the current cap of 10% in companies undergoing debt restructuring through conversion of loan into equity.

‘Rate action driven by data, but no scope for flip-flops’

There was widespread expectation from the corporate sector and markets for a reduction in rates in the wake of the decline in inflation and the sharp fall in money market rates.

Appointment of 8 PSU bank heads by Nov-end: FinMin

A panel, headed by RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, will hold interviews of eligible candidates for the post of CMDs.