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Cuban lawmakers approve new constitution as President Diaz-Canel remarks on weak economic growth

Since oil prices crashed in 2014 and Venezuela, Cuba's closest ally and main economic partner and fuel supplier, began to struggle, foreign currency revenues and oil supplies have steadily fallen, forcing cuts in imports and energy use.

Raul Castro to head commission to rewrite Cuba's constituition

Raul Castro, first announced the need for a new constitution in 2011 after embarking on a series of reforms cautiously opening up the economy to foreign investment and the private sector in order to make Cuban socialism sustainable.


Raul Castro retires as Cuban president, outlines future

Raul Castro's 90-minute valedictory speech offered his first clear vision for the nation's future power structure under new President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

Diaz-Canel is Cuba's new president as Raul Castro steps aside

57-year-old Diaz-Canel, who was the only candidate for the presidency, was elected to a five-year term with 603 out of 604 possible votes in the National Assembly, the official Cubadebate website said.

Raul Castro nears retirement as Cuban president, lawmakers vote on successor

Raul Castro announced his departure several years ago and has long signalled that Diaz-Canel, a 57-year-old Communist Party stalwart, was his likely successor, carefully managing the transition to ensure political continuity.

Cuba sets date for new leadership elections

Once the approximately 600 members of the National Assembly have been elected, the new legislature will convene on April 19 to elect a new president of the State Council, the post Raul Castro currently occupies


Cuba sets date for new leadership elections, Raul Castro to conclude tenure

"When the National Assembly is constituted, I will have concluded my second and last term leading the State and Government, and Cuba will have a new president,"Raul Castro had said recently.

Cuba's Santeria priests wax positive as transition from Castros begins

Castro, 86, said last month he would step down as President in April. He took over in 2008 after his brother Fidel Castro, who had governed Cuba since leading the 1959 revolution, became seriously ill. Fidel Castro died in 2016.

Cuba tightens regulations on fledgling private sector

The backtracking on the private sector hints at unease among some in the ruling Cuban Communist Party that free market reforms may have gone too far, amid a broader debate about rising inequality on the island.

Cuba delays historic handover from Raul Castro to new President

The National Assembly said that devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma in September had caused a delay to the start of the political cycle.

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Cuba after the Castros: A look at legacy and challenges ahead

The Cuban government on Wednesday selected 57-year-old First Vice President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez as the sole candidate to succeed Raul Castro. It is the first time in almost sixty years that a Castro will not be the president of Cuba.