Rats News

High levels of cellphone radiation linked to tumors in male rats, reveals US study

About 6 percent of male rats whose entire bodies were exposed to the highest level of cell phone radiation developed schwannomas - a rare type of tumor - in nerve tissue near their hearts, while there were no schwannomas in animals that were not exposed to radiation.

Growing under ground, a vast network of rats

Kaur blamed the eateries, dhabas and food joints for the rising rat population.


Philippine city offers bounties for dead rats

Residents have only swapped 44 dead rats for cash since the month-long campaign began last week.

Humans and rats think alike after making mistakes

Researchers found that brains of humans and rats adapt in a similar way to errors.

Longer days bring 'winter blues' for rats

In humans,'winter blues' the depression occurs due to shorter days,but for rats it's just opposite.

Rats and bats brains work differently on the move

Study challenges a widely used model on studies in rodents how animals navigate their environment.


Rats to solve the mystery of human depression: Study

The study revealed the differences in responses to stress between rats with a genetic predisposition to depression.

Qantas jet grounds flight after rats found on board

Flight attendants found five rats in the cabin of a Boeing 767 flying from Sydney to Brisbane.

Rats new threat to city’s infrastructure

Rats have become the new menace for several MC projects and the increase in rodents’ population has more to do with human act of not disposing of the garbage in a proper manner.