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Another man dies of 'hunger' in Jharkhand

Rajendra Birhor, belonging to the primitive Birhor tribe, died Thursday at Nawadih village in Mandu block, 20 km from Ramgarh in Jharkhand. However, district officials denied it, saying his death was due to "illness".

Punjab launches Smart Ration Card scheme

The biometric-supported electronic system would eradicate anomalies of the conventional public distribution system and decimate the probability of ghost beneficiaries, Punjab Food Supplies Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu said.


Delhi: After month’s delay, ration shops get iris machines

The iris machines — an alternative to electronic Point of Sale (e-PoS) machines in cases where biometrics do not match — were made operational across the city from March 1.

From April 1, ration cards will not be valid proof for passport application

While state govt wants to make ration card Aadhaar-linked, the Centre has said that ration card will no longer be considered as address proof.

Only 40% linkage of Aadhar card with ration cards: District administration

The earlier deadline was May 31 and it was extended to December 31.

‘Only nine out of 52 lakh holders linked Aadhaar to ration cards’

The government had put the proposal to link ration cards with Aadhaar numbers so as to enhance the Public Distribution.


Govt plans to ‘link’ ration cards with Aadhaar

Of total 1.2 crore ration cards issued in Gujarat, 1.07 crore cards are bar coded with biometric details

Story from Bhajpur

Here, the MGNREGA and ration card are the people’s lifelines.

Smart card for assured food,promised and then held up

The scheme carries the promise of 5 kg foodgrains every month at Re 1 to Rs 3 per kg.

Pakistanis nationals using Indian voter ID,ration card

'SDMs concerned have been asked to conduct an inquiry and submit detailed report.'