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Madhya Pradesh govt offers 1,000 points for death sentence, 500 for lifer

The Madhya Pradesh government has devised a “reward system” to motivate its prosecutors to ensure speedy trials and quick convictions in rape cases.

Six-year-old girl raped & killed in Madhya Pradesh

The incident took place in the early hours on Thursday and her body was recovered from the bushes near a wedding venue, where she had gone along with her family, an official said.


Rape Cases Registered Between January 1, 2017, & May 15, 2018: In 73 cases, accused are known to victims

Even in a recent reported rape case, a victim, whose pregnancy was terminated after following all legal and medical procedures, the victim revealed the name of her father for committing crime with her and he was arrested on May 16.”

Coach booked under POCSO for trying to rape minor athletes

According to police, a woman athlete alleged that Alam had molested her and attempted to rape her during a tournament in Meeraganj.

Delhi: Every day, 5 rapes, 2 murders, 12 molestations, 26 snatchings

Most rape and molestation cases occur in posh areas of south Delhi, reveals Crime Branch data.

Paper Clip: A programme to check rapes on campuses

The results of a new trial, shows that a “rigorously designed and executed sexual assault resistance program was successful in substantially reducing the occurrence of sexual assaults.


Dramatic rise in rape cases registered: Govt

The govt has taken at least a dozen of measures including setting up women help-desk in each police station.

Schools must guarantee boys don’t turn rapists, says Sisodia

As a small beginning, Sisodia set a target for Delhi until the next international women’s day.

300 rape, 500 molestation cases in Delhi in Jan-Feb

The Delhi Police termed the still high number as the result of more women coming forward to lodge complaints against sexual crimes.

Long wait for justice — 1216 cases of crime against women pending in Pune courts

Legal experts say two special courts not enough; stress need for more judges.