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Ache of the fakes: Ugly side of the app world

In today’s mobile-first world, there is a dedicated app for everything - may it be for tracking your heartbeat, to ordering food, to dating. Solutions to most of today’s problems are - “there’s an app for that”. But malicious apps have become more challenging to detect as they excel at impersonating trusted ones.

New Android ransomware discovered, spreads on smartphones via SMS

Android/Filecoder.C ransomware has been discovered which spreads to other Android smartphones through SMS messages.


PewDiePie fan releases PewCrypt ransomware to boost his YouTube subscribers

PewCrypt is designed in such a way that it locks people from accessing their data. The ransomware claims that users will not get back their data until PewDiePie gets 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

Post attacks, sharp rise in demand for cyber insurance policies, say experts

Recently, Pune-based Cosmos Bank lost Rs 94 crore in a coordinated digital fraud comprising thousands of online transactions, made possible because of a malware attack on the bank’s systems.

Mumbai: Ransomware hits Dadar CA’s office, demands payment in bitcoins for decryption

A day after a Navi Mumbai hospital and hotel became targets of a ransomware attack, cyber fraudsters encrypted data belonging to a Dadar-based chartered accountant and demanded money to remove the block on the data on Monday. 

Navi Mumbai hospital, hotel hit by ransomware attacks

The MGM hospital in Navi Mumbai was targeted by a ransomware on Sunday, police said. “They had been locked out of their data by the malware and the virus spread before it could be contained


Cybersecurity: 67 per cent organisations in India hit by ransomware last year: survey

As per the survey, despite the intensity and magnitude of attacks, Indian businesses are still not prepared to defend itself against determined attackers.

India 7th most targeted nation for Web Application Attacks: Akamai

An Akamai report shows that 53,000 cyber attacks were reported in India during 2017, with 40 per cent targeting the financial sector.

India must be prepared for HNS botnet attack: Cyber security firm

The emerging botnet, that uses custom-built peer-to-peer communication to exploit victims, was spotted by security researchers at Bitdefender Labs on January 10 before it disappeared for a few days.

Cyber security standards for power utilities: Two BIS groups to issue norms within 6 months

The Bureau of Indian Standards has been working on the part two of Indian Standard 16335 for more than 15 months, says a senior government official.