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Down in Jungleland: Wing Games

Besides being game birds, grey francolins are also great fighters.

Sweet Young Things

An irreverent if slightly predictable story on the problems that the young of every species face.


Down in jungleland: A starry affair

Starfish can switch genders fluidly and are rather accepting creatures. But, some of them can also be among the most invasive species of the world.

Down in the Jungleland: Call of the ocean

The remarkable life of sea turtles.

Down In Jungleland: The Birds Are Alright

Now that spring is here, a roll call of the birds that are out and about.

Blowin’ in the Wind: Plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide

They might be rooted to the spot, but plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide


Hunger of the Pine: It’s funny how we take trees for granted

But it’s time we stood under a tree and thought about it a bit.

What would be the animal qualities humans would like to have?

To have the acceleration of a cheetah would be great, but only if coupled with the stamina of wolves, so you can keep up that pace all day.

Why wetlands are not as sinister as they appear to be

Sit at the edge of a wetland and watch: right ahead of you dragonflies dart at each other as they sort out territorial airspaces or zither around in honeymooning daisy-chains.

In Fine Feather: You can’t afford tacky maintenance when you fly

They’re the birds’ USP — without them, they wouldn’t be birds — and they’re an unparalleled marvel of engineering and aesthetics.