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Book review: Reading Mihir S. Sharma's 'Restart' akin to the peeling of an onion

The documentation of the Kafkaesque Indian labour laws meant to protect the elite worker.

A Private Affair

Best-selling author James Patterson talks about bringing his detective series Private to India and delving into Indian mythology with co-author Ashwin Sanghi.


Silencing of liberal India

Courts, publishers, educators and professional offence mongers are to blame.

Penguin India caves in, agrees to trash Wendy Doniger's book on Hinduism

All copies of Chicago Indologist Wendy Doniger’s seminal work to be trashed in 6 months in India.

Plus ça Change

An intimate and surprising history of India’s banks and financial institutions.

Show and Tell

There’s more to the story in this debut novel about a dysfunctional family than its eccentric characters.


Shelving Memories

First Manney’s,then TwistNTales and now Book World — popular bookshops in the city are closing business and drawing the curtains on an era.