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Pulp horror

Shyam Ramsay, who headed up the Ramsay Brothers, bows out of a world that is stranger than any potboiler

Shyam Ramsay: A curtain call

One of the seven Ramsay Brothers and director of cult horror films, Shyam Ramsay passed away at a Mumbai hospital on Wednesday.


Ramsay Brothers discovered the magic of horror from a Prithviraj Kapoor film

Ramsinghani, who had adopted the last name Ramsay, made Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh (1954) and Rustom Sohrab (1963), the latter starring Prithviraj Kapoor and Suraiya.

Shyam Ramsay lashes out at 'Miss Lovely' for wrong portrayal

Shyam says the Ramsays feel victimized. "We were targeted, made to look like cheap sex peddlers in 'Miss Lovely'.

Spook Central

Even as three horror films — Raaz 3,Bhoot 2 and 1920: Evil Returns line up for release,Tulsi Ramsay talks about Ramsay Brothers' formula for successful spooky movies and plans to revive the banner.

Screaming for attention

Shok was the first emotion that Pawan Kriplani felt when he heard of an incident involving an unsuspecting couple being shot by hidden cameras on their vacation at a farmhouse.