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RPI(A) not to part ways with BJP-Sena: Ramdas Athawale

Athawale had sought two seats for the RPI(A) — one from Mumbai and the other from the remaining part of Maharashtra — citing that it was needed to keep his party workers enthused to work for the alliance.

‘Don’t take Dalits for granted; give us respect to get our respect’: Ramdas Athawale

"I am extremely unhappy with the Shiv Sena-BJP leaders’ decision to undermine RPI(A) in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections," said Ramdas Athawale.


Lok Sabha polls: Ramdas Athawale conspicuous by his absence

Athawale was not in the loop when the BJP and Shiv Sena decided their seat-sharing arrangement in Maharashtra. As of now, not even one seat has been left for Athawale’s party.

Won’t quit NDA despite seat snub, says Ramdas Athawale

Talking to mediapersons on Sunday, Athawale said he was of the opinion that RPI (A) should get at least one Lok Sabha seat to contest and was ready to approach BJP chief Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi if the issue is not resolved by the state BJP leadership.

BJP-Sena didn't spare even a single seat for RPI: Ramdas Athawale

"I took efforts for the BJP-Sena patch-up and worked for the alliance. But they left us in the lurch by not giving any seat to the RPI," Ramdas Athawale said.

When Ramdas Athawale wanted to recite poetry during Budget speech

Ramdas Athawale was, however, asked by BJP ministers not to disturb Goyal during his speech.


Tamil Nadu: Dhinakaran rules out Athawale’s call to return to AIADMK

Fisheries Minister and AIADMK spokeperson D Jayakumar said that Athawale’s opinion may not be the party’s. “This opinion has come from a minister, not the party. Let the BJP officially make their opinions,” he said.

Ramdas Athawale: Extend OBC quota by 10%, overall quota up to 75% is fine

Calling the constitutional amendment to extend reservations to economically weaker sections of castes in the general category as a “historic decision”, Athwale said the move was long pending.

15 minutes of fame

And now Athawale prophesies that Rs 15 lakh will appear in accounts slowly, not speedily. The ghost of that long-forgotten promise fell athwart Athawale in Sangli district, where he was asked the traditional Indian question: “Where’s the money coming from?” Rashly, he answered.

Minister Ramdas Athawale’s Rs 15-lakh self goal: It will come, slowly

During the Lok Sabha election campaign in 2014, Modi had promised to bring black money back to the country.

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