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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Ramadan fast


Ramadan: Have a healthy sehri with these simple dietary tips

May 11, 2020 1:20 pm

Avoid eating a heavy meal that may include fried meat or rice as it is likely to make you feel thirsty all day long.

Iftar menu: Try this easy, wholesome dish tonight

May 01, 2020 6:20 pm

It is always good to break the fast with foods that provide energy to the body. And this recipe is just perfect!

Celebrate Ramadan with these delicious recipes

May 19, 2020 3:23 pm

Time to enjoy these lip-smacking dishes with family. Which would would you like to try?

Ramadan 2020 LIVE Updates: Jama Masjid remains closed amid Covid-19 lockdown

April 25, 2020 6:31 pm

Ramadan 2020 Sehri & Iftar Timings in India LIVE Updates: Ramadan is considered to be the time when people come closer to God, and one of the main reasons behind observing it is to remember the many sufferings of the underprivileged and less fortunate people.

Ramadan 2020 Date: When is Ramadan starting in 2020?

April 25, 2020 6:16 pm

Ramadan 2020 Date in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE: During the holy month, which is the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, devotees observe a fast from dawn to dusk.

Happy Ramadan: Ramzan Mubarak Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos

April 23, 2020 5:44 pm

Happy Ramadan 2019 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Wallpaper, Messages: We have curated a list of greetings, messages and wishes for you to share with family and loved ones during Ramzan. Spread the love!

Ramadan 2019 Moon Sighting Time in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia

April 23, 2020 12:53 pm

Ramadan 2019 Moon Sighting Today Time in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia: Considered an opportune time to come closer to God, Ramadan is observed to remind people of the sufferings of the less fortunate and underprivileged.

Ramadan 2019 in India: Date, Time Table, Prayer Times, Significance and Rules

May 06, 2019 6:26 pm

Ramadan 2019 in India, Date in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Time Table, Prayer Times: Observed for an entire month from sunrise to sunset, the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan is dedicated to the glorious night of Laylat al-Qadr when the holy Quran was first revealed to mankind.

Fatwa allows fasting men to use nicotine patches

August 03, 2011 10:37 am

A religious body says that nicotine patches does not violate the observance of fasting.


Fasting for Ramadan? Here's what you should eat and avoid

April 23, 2020 4:36 pm

Know what your sehri and iftar diet should look like by scrolling down.

Ramadan: Muslims offer prayers, break their fast

July 01, 2014 12:34 pm

People breaking their fast on the first day of Ramzan at Mahim on Monday.