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Ram Jethmalani felt political one-upmanship stalled resolution of Kashmir issue

Ram had many pursuits in life. One of them was his interest in Kashmir. He was sad that his pursuit of the resolution of the Kashmir problem remained unfulfilled because of political one-upmanship, which spoilt the atmosphere in India.

BJP nominates Sudhanshu Trivedi to Arun Jaitley's Rajya Sabha seat in UP

BJP also named former Lok Sabha MP Satish Dubey for the Rajya Sabha seat from Bihar as the seat was vacated following veteran Supreme Court lawyer and former Union Law Minister Ram Jethmalani's death last month.


The irrepressible life of Ram Jethmalani, who bent convention at every stage

Ram Jethmalani defied and abhorred compartmentalisation. He wasn’t just an eminent counsel practising at all levels of the Indian judiciary, from the magistrate’s court to the Supreme Court, he was also an advocate of public causes and a politician of eminence.

Ram Jethmalani didn’t belong to any one man, party, institution or idea

Jethmalani allowed personal disappointments to move him away from fixed positions, but he had the liver to take the consequences too, he was that sure of his moral radar and intellect. This is what made him invulnerable.

Ram Jethmalani was not just a good lawyer but also an exceptional parliamentarian

Apart from having a brilliant mind, Ram was a very hard-working professional. Very few lawyers make good parliamentarians, but Ram was an exception.

Ram Jethmalani was feared and respected for his candour on political matters

For those interested in hearing from the horse’s mouth the story of Ram’s successes and failures, he has left behind two books, which are partly in the nature of memoirs. The first of these, curiously titled Conscience of a Maverick, was published in 2007. Seven years later, to counter criticism, he wrote another book, Maverick Unchanged, Unrepentant.


Ram Jethmalani brought empathy and passion to every case, every cause he fought for

Ram Jethmalani belonged to many parties and to no one as well, for he was robustly independent in thought and action.

Ram Jethmalani: Working to his own brief, the lawyer who held court for 70 years

Veteran lawyer and former Union minister Ram Jethmalani, possibly a lawyer with the longest and perhaps most controversial career in the country, passed away Sunday morning.

Ram Jethmalani dead: ‘His fearless and outspoken voice is being sorely missed’

'Ram Jethmalani was always a larger-than-life figure in the courts and in the country,' writes human rights advocate Prashant Bhushan.

Politicians, legal luminaries pay tributes to Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani passed away at his Akbar Road home on Sunday morning at the age of 95. He was cremated at Lodhi crematorium.

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Ram Jethmalani dead: Rare photos from Express archives

Ram Jethmalani dead: Ram Jethmalani served as law minister and as minister of Urban Development in the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s cabinet.