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Isn’t it amazing so many police officers, judges still do their duty? Like the SHO in Bulandshahr: Rajmohan Gandhi

Historian Rajmohan Gandhi talks about the need to chronicle Southern history and why the region is ‘losing voice’ in Delhi, dismisses any enmity between Nehru and Patel, calls recent lynchings ‘tragic, shameful’, counts unemployment among the biggest challenges and urges citizens to correct false historical facts.

AAP leaders plan yatra

Apart from Gandhi and Shastri, other party leaders are also expected to be a part of the march.


BJP accuses Rajmohan Gandhi of using Mahatma to garner votes

Rajmohan said he want people to vote for him on the basis of his credentials, and the work that he promised to do.

Fresh Faces vs Heavyweights

The declarations see the number of candidates announced by the AAP up to 50, after 20 names were announced in the first list that the party released.

Mahatma Gandhi's grandson joins AAP

Gandhi, who had contested against Rajiv Gandhi, has expressed his willingness to contest on a party ticket.

Grasping history is not easy: Rajmohan Gandhi

Gandhi said importance of history can be realised only by continuous hard work by teachers.


Divided,We Fell

Rajmohan Gandhi traces how the holocaust of 1947 was the culmination of a gradual breakdown of religious harmony.

‘Steps of Bapu’s allies going unnoticed’

The sufferings and courage of Bapu’s allies was going unnoticed in the country,said Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s grandson,Rajmohan Gandhi.

Yesterday Once More

In the book,which is an account of undivided Punjab,Gandhi traces Punjab’s history from the death of Aurangzeb in the early 18th century,to the Partition in 1947,coinciding with the departure of the British.

Rajmohan Gandhi sees link between 1857 and American Civil War

In 1999,Rajmohan Gandhi,in his book Revenge and Reconciliation,had pointed out that nobody had taken a joint view of two events—India’s 1857...

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Mahatama Gandhi's grandson joins AAP Party

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got a shot in the arm when Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, joined the party today.

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‘The notion that your neighbour is your kin, regardless of faith, is a real thing in South India’

Historian Rajmohan Gandhi talks about the need to chronicle Southern history and why he feels that the region is ‘losing voice’ in Delhi. In a discussion with journalists from Indian Express, he calls the recent lynchings ‘tragic, shameful’.