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High drama at Chandigarh general house meeting: Satish Kainth calls Mayor Rajesh Kalia corrupt

Kainth was suspended for a day from the House. This is the first time in 12 years that a councilor has been suspended and marshals have been asked to take him out.

Chandigarh Mayor keeps an open office, with a steady supply of tea and biscuits

The day he was elected Mayor Kalia had promised to serve the city as a Nagar Sewak and not as a mayor. “The doors of my office will remain open for everyone,’’ he had said in his maiden speech. It’s one promise he seems to be keeping.


Chandigarh Mayor Rajesh Kalia's chowkidar act on Activa makes traffic cops see red

Traffic officials said that Kalia will be fined for not wearing his helmet properly. Also, when asked about the video, a traffic official said that using a mobile phone while driving is a violation.

Chandigarh: Does this street need pavers? Yes, says Chandigarh mayor

Rajesh Kalia wants pavers worth Rs 4.94 crore for lanes that are already lined with such blocks

Chandigarh mayor to lose part of salary due to cheque-bounce case

In the orders issued by the court in December, the civil judge had directed the MC Commissioner to deduct a sum of Rs 13,57,757 from Kalia’s salary in monthly installments and remit it to the court. The order was pronounced on a complaint by Harish Chhabra.

At first Chandigarh House Meeting: A new low as Kainth, Kalia trade personal barbs

As BJP councillors focused on “appreciating Kalia, his humble background and the way he took criticism by the media and other people over his police record, in his stride”, Kalia had to face some embarrassing moments as well.


Auspicious Monday gone, Chandigarh's new Mayor waits for another to shift into official accommodation

The Mayor’s residence is a four-bedroom two-storey house. Meanwhile, on his first day of office, Kalia ordered his staff to keep his doors open for city residents at all time.

Frequency of Mobile Police Stations to change in some areas

The two mobile police stations visit a different place each day from 8 am to 5 pm. Each place is visited after every 14 days.

Beware! 2,000 police personnel will keep an eye on you

There will be 20 PCR (Police Control Room) vehicles which will be patrolling the city.

Beware! 2,000 police personnel will keep an eye on you

To ensure that the festival of colours is not spoiled by any miscreants,around 2,000 Chandigarh Police ersonnel will be posted on several nakas in the city.