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New guests for Raj Bhavan gardens are over 1,000 roses

Roses of all possible colours — ranging from red, white, orange, maroon-black, violet, blue and some dual coloured ones — will bloom in this garden, said the garden in-charge.

Raj Bhavan to soon use treated water for gardening its lawns

“We have built a separate water tank near the helipad lawn which has a storage capacity of 1.5 lakh litres. It will be used for gardening plants. Besides, the treated water will be supplied to the 14-storey staff quarters, which would be used for flushing the toilets as we have a separate pipeline for it,” said an official.


Maharashtra: Thieves escape with five sandalwood trees from Raj Bhavan garden

No CCTVs at 32-acre premises of Governor’s residence, only one cop to guard it

Policeman found dead near Raj Bhavan in Srinagar

Constable Sheetal Singh of security wing of the police was found dead inside a car at the Cheshmashahi garden near the Raj Bhavan in Srinagar, a police official said.

Students protest in Mizoram as 7th Governor takes charge in less than 9 months

The MZP has said it plans to continue its protest by laying siege to all central government offices from next week.

A relic of Raj, the ‘queen’ of Raj Bhavans still sits pretty by sea

Nestled in forest where peacocks stroll, Raj Bhavan comprises a cluster of seven 19th and 20th century bungalows and a private beach.


Avoid addressing me as 'His Excellency': Kerala governor Sathasivam

His appointment had triggered a controversy over the propriety of an ex-CJI holding the post of governor.

I’m very much in the saddle: MP Gov

Ram Naresh Yadav tenure in BJP-ruled state has been fairly smooth, with most criticism about him coming from the Congress.

Northeastern purgatory

By sending out-of-favour governors to the Northeast, NDA perpetuates a damaging idea.

Governed by whim

SC has asked for reasons for removing governors. Does NDA have any?