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Government trying to sell railway assets through PPPs, privatisation: Congress

The railways' operating ratio was 98.4 per cent in 2017- 18, way above the government's estimate, the Congress leader said, adding its revenue and expenditure also fell short of official claims.

Railways 15-day drive: 80 officers to inspect stations, interact with passengers

The ministry has decided to mark the event with a 15-day drive by carrying out 23 types of activities.


Gowda cuts short Railways award list

Over the years, the awards system had faced allegations of favouritism, at the cost of excluding the truly deserving.

Counting losses, Railways may stop paying for counting cash

Old rule allows cashiers to earn extra money, sometimes more than salaries.

Sweep stations on Gandhi Jayanti, rail ministry tells its officials

Instructions come after PM said he wanted to see cleaner stations, trains.

Railways ministry says agents abusing ticketing system

The ministry Defended its decision to ban the entry of agents in the Passenger Reservation System.


Can wind from moving train generate power? PMO’s curious query to Railways

Rail Bhawan officials said that the idea was not workable and they would communicate this to the PMO.

Railways to review policy on Group D staff as domestic help

The PMO is now keen to grant an allowance instead of letting officers retain the staff as domestic help.

Falling off a train: Claims rising, Railways Ministry smells a rat

The compensation amount for such claims ranges from Rs 32,000 to a maximum of Rs 4 lakh per victim.

Delhi to Agra in 90 mins? Railways to test 160-kmph train

Railways plans to launch the service in Oct-Nov; the project is expected to find a mention in Rail Budget.