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Racism is about behaviours, not feelings: Phillip Atiba Goff

American psychologist Phillip Atiba Goff intends to not only define racism, but also understand it in terms of mind versus matter.

Joe Biden on racism: Whites 'can never fully understand'

During his 20 minutes at the pulpit, Biden condemned institutional racism as the direct legacy of slavery and lamented that the nation has ``never lived up to'' the ideals of equality written into its founding documents.


In Italy, racist abuse is dismissed (again) as part of the game

The ugly incident involving Romelu Lukaku was not the first episode of racist behaviour in Italian soccer, but the reaction to it highlighted efforts to brush such behavior under the carpet.

Anchor apologises after telling black co-anchor that a gorilla 'kind of looks like you'

The two anchors appeared on a show in which Alex Housden tearfully apologised saying that what she said "was inconsiderate, it was inappropriate, and I hurt people.

A children’s YouTube channel sparks off racism accusations for showing black as 'ugly' and fair as 'beautiful'

The video which was uploaded on July 17 on Pingu TV and has been viewed more than four lakh times.

Sikh man, running for city council, racially targeted in Australia

South Australian Attorney-General Vicki Chapman has described the footage as "disturbing" and "on the face of it, racist conduct".


Omani tennis player acusses French chair umpire, officials of racism

Fatma Al Nabhani has alleged that she was treated unfairly in Clermont-Ferrand, France during a tournament because she's Muslim.

Indian man racially abused in Canada, told to 'go back to your country'

Asked whether the parking disagreement justifies the racist language used, she said, "It doesn't matter if it justifies it or not; it happened and that's where I took it."

One year after Charlottesville rally, Donald Trump says he condemns all racism

Donald Trump drew strong criticism in the days after the Charlottesville rally last year for equating white supremacists with counter-protesters and saying "both sides" were to blame.

Muslim woman with headscarf racially targeted in US

The white woman began to spew Muslim stereotypes, and told her that "ICE should take her kids away," it added. After the man began recording, Ashley yelled at the woman, claiming she is not a citizen and cannot speak English.

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Opinion | The secret history of Muslims in the US

Muslims have been in the US since the time of the earliest explorers and have left their mark on everything from the White House to the Marine Corps uniform.

NYT Opinion | New! A hotline for racists

Niecy Nash hosts a satirical infomercial advocating for people to stop calling 911 to harass black citizens and to call 1-844-WYT-FEAR instead.