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High rates for spring maize prompts Punjab farmers to consider crop for kharif season too

Kharif season is considered the main season in Punjab for sowing maize. Last year, 1.08 lakh hectares area was under maize and this year, till July 8, the area touched 1.25 lakh hectares (a surplus of 17,000 hectares or 41,990 acres).

Rabi sowing begins; oilseeds acreage gone up 70 per cent so far

"Wheat sowing will pick up pace in the coming weeks. Right now, the planting is reported in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir," a senior agriculture ministry official said.


Dry spell may bring down kharif production by 20% in Maharashtra

“Preliminary reports show the kharif production will drop by 20 per cent. The dry spell has also put a question mark on rabi production,” said a senior official in the agriculture department.

Maharashtra gets ready for advanced Rabi season

The reports from almost all districts say farmers are set to advance the sowing of Rabi crops to the end of August or early September.

Punjab wants Rs 1,855 MSP for wheat in 2013-14

Punjab Saturday sought a minimum support price of Rs 1,855 per quintal for wheat in rabi season 2013-14 from the Centre,saying the MSP should be fixed considering the actual input cost.

Madhya Pradesh eyes new wheat high

Looks to surpass Punjab, but needs to address storage problem.


Foodgrains output to drop: Sharad Pawar

Foodgrains production in 2012-13 will be lower than last year's record output of 257.44 million tonnes .

Dry spell all over

A deficient monsoon has hit crops and left reservoirs short of water.

As prices touch new high,groundnut makes a comeback to Gujarat fields

In a season when peanut prices have soared to a record high,the state is witnessing a changing crop pattern.

Assam aims double harvest with multiple cropping

Farmers in Assam,who have traditionally remained content with a single crop per year,now have reasons to go for two or more crops beginning the current rabi season