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Ramzan has always been the time to look inwards, build bridges

Ramzan has always been the time to look inwards, build bridges

Read in Quran that women can pray in mosques: Couple who filed SC plea

After studying religious texts and consulting community members, the couple finally decided to file a petition in the Supreme Court.


China denies confiscating copies of Quran in Xinjiang

China is battling ETIM militants in Xinjiang, who reportedly have links with Islamic State. The province has seen protests by majority Uygur Muslims over increasing settlements of the Han community from other parts of China.

Translated by a Sikh, funded by Hindus, Patiala varsity to digitise century-old Quran

Parihar said, “My friend Noor Muhammad from village Land of Moga showed me this Punjabi translation of the ‘Quran Sharif’, published more than a century ago, in April 1911.”

Rajasthan’s ‘women qazis’ face resistance from clerics

Rajasthan’s chief qazi Khalid Usmani said: 'As per Quran, a woman can never be a man’s hakim (ruler/judge). Hence, a woman can never be a qazi.'

The Holy Quran Experiment: What happens when people are quoted verses from a Holy Book

Two guys from the Netherlands disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of its most gruesome verses to the people. What they had to say is eye-opening.


Gujarat government board claims Quran says beef bad for health

The verse on the billboard has been translated as “Show respect to cows as it is the leader of all bovines. Its milk, ghee and butter have therapeutic properties and its meat is the cause of several diseases’’.

Verses from Quran helped capture Pak militant: Police

Sajjad and the four other terrorists had crossed over to India from Lachipora in Uri on the night of August 17 after cutting the barbed wire fencing on the LoC.

Gang trying to sell 500-yr-old Quran busted in Karnataka

Police investigation has revealed that the accused did not inform the archeology department about being in possession of the ancient Quran though it is mandatory while holding any type of antique goods.

Video: Quran fragments believed to be from Prophet Muhammad's time found

The radiocarbon analysis places the parchment close to the time of Prophet Muhammad, who is generally thought to have lived between AD 570 and 632.