Quantum Physics

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Secure, un-hackable computer network made a reality by quantum physics

Researchers have been able to create a computer that checks security of quantum computers before interacting with them.

Scientists capture the sound of an atom

The researchers at the Chalmers University in Sweden have succeeded in making acoustic waves couple to an artificial atom.

Thirst for raw power

China’s Tianhe-2 became the world’s fastest supercomputer in June,setting a new record in strategic technology. While this field grows at a phenomenal pace,the need for speedy calculations accompanies it. Supercomputers can zero in on solutions,eliminate duds,and test probabilities of variables much faster. Here’s a look at these gigantic arrays of processing power and what lies beneath

I like working with people who are well read: Madonna

The pop star wants to work with those who can enter into intellectual debates with her about philosophy and quantum physics.