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Possibilities of a verdict

Despite its limitations, Pakistan Supreme Court ruling against the military gives its civil society more room.

Pakistan Army chief backs Imran Khan's peace initiatives

The powerful army, which has ruled Pakistan for more than half of its 71 years, has always wielded considerable power in the matters of foreign policy.


Pakistan army chief confirms death sentence for 14 militants

Military trials are not open to the public in Pakistani but defendants have the right to hire their own lawyers.

Killing of Pakistan Taliban chief 'significant': Pakistan PM Nasir-ul-Mulk

A US official said the US believes that it is likely the strike killed Fazlullah, but efforts are ongoing to confirm his death. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss preliminary information.

Prosperity For Peace

Free trade could end Pakistan's siege mentality, ensure peace with India

Peace pipe in the house

Leaked contents of General Bajwa’s meeting with senators help Pakistan army’s image


Pakistan Army chief says its forces capable of defeating all threats irrespective of the front

"We are aware of defence and security challenges being faced by the country and we are capable of defeating all threats irrespective of the front," Gen Bajwa said.