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Ludhiana: 3 labourers electrocuted to death in Punjab

Police said initial investigations indicated that they were forced to work under high voltage wires by their employer Raju, locally known as Raju ‘Lemon Wala’, who was getting his house constructed.

Punjab power body fined Rs 60,000 for deficiency in service

Thath Singh, a resident of Cholta Kalan village, in his complaint to the forum, alleged that in 2008 he had approached PSPCL for the shifting of his motor connection in his village by a 100 m and paid the requisite amount.


13-year-old electrocuted while flying kite at house

The villagers blamed the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited for the death.

District official urges PSPCL to ensure power supply for Modi's Teachers' Day speech

DCs have conveyed to PSPCL not to impose power cuts and even to BSNL for a smooth supply of internet.

Monday rain hit power supply, Focal Point sub-station off

The industrialists suggested that the sub-station should install pumps inside so as to drain out accumulated water immediately.

Cop suspended for thrashing PSPCL staff, power theft

Power supply to his house was also snapped on Wednesday.


Surprise check conducted at PSPCL office

32% of the senior officers and 20% of the other employees were found absent from duties.

Powercuts: Two-day off for general industry,3-day for induction furnaces

With paddy season in full swing,the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited on Monday imposed two-day compulsory weekly offs on general industry and three-day weekly off on induction furnaces in the state.

PSCPL says it has enough power,farmers protest ‘sporadic’ supply

Though the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) claims to have enough electricity at its disposal — it has not only lifted compulsory weekly offs imposed on the industry but also reportedly providing eight hours of electricity to farmers — the situation at the ground level is very different

With seal on fuel supply deal,state may look forward to power surplus

FSAs for Talwandi Sabo and Rajpura Thermal plants finally signed