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Puerto Rico shooting: 6 killed as violence rattles San Juan

The shootout, its piercing sound captured on videos that were widely shared on social media, unnerved people in San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital, where authorities have faced a rash of drug crime and other violence.

Puerto Rico closes schools, opens emergency shelters ready for Storm Dorian

Dorian is expected to move near or over Puerto Rico on Wednesday before approaching the island of Hispaniola, which is shared between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, according to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center.


Tropical Storm Dorian expected to strengthen, could hit Puerto Rico

The storm is expected to pass over or near western and central Puerto Rico, with landslides, widespread flooding and power outages possible.

New Puerto Rico governor names two members of Cabinet

The appointments are being made following the resignation of former Gov. Ricardo Rossello after two weeks of large street protests this summer over corruption, mismanagement of funds and a leaked obscenity-laced chat.

Puerto Rico braces for more protests against latest governor

Puerto Ricans are bracing for more political turmoil as the third governor in a week takes charge of the US territory still divided over who should lead the economically struggling island of 3.2 million people.

Riding horses and banging drums, Puerto Ricans demand that governor quit

Hundreds of protesters on Friday gathered in streets near the governor's residence chanting, waving flags and banging pots and pans. Some carried placards reading "They Rob Us," according to videos posted on Twitter.


'Chatgate' scandal throws Puerto Rico governor into crisis

The Chatgate scandal is threatening to buckle the 40-year-old governor are the details of a profanity-laced and misogynistic online chat with nine other members of his administration in which some of the US territory's most powerful men act like a bunch of teenagers.

Puerto Rico governor slams Donald Trump, seeks swifter storm recovery

Puerto Rico's governor is pledging to lift the US territory from a deep recession by creating more jobs, reversing a migration exodus and implementing a range of incentives as the island struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria.

Fact Check: Donald Trump misstates hurricane aid for Puerto Rico

Donald Trump asserts the territory had already received $91 billion in aid, which is flat wrong, and readers of his tweets would not know from them that Puerto Ricans are US citizens.

Rebuilding a Puerto Rico barrio: ‘Dead Is the Only Way They’ll Ever Get Me to Leave’

Laborers lured from the countryside during the island’s postwar industrial boom established a squatters settlement. The harbor was a bustling site of factories, military bases and jobs, but nobody had supplied housing for workers.