'Love hormone' can increase sensitivity among stressed partners

Oxytocin — known as 'love hormone' — was found to increase sensitivity in men toward women.

Bring out the bro-code! Bromance beneficial for men

Male friendships — or bromances — lend men resilience and help them better cope with stress and trauma.


Feeling more forgetful these days? It may be due to prolonged stress

In a study, prolonged stress caused spatial memory loss in mice trying to navigate a maze.

Sleep deprivation lowers risk of post-traumatic stress disorder

Sleep deprivation of six hours immediately after exposure to a traumatic event reduces the development of PTSD.

‘People should empower domestic violence victims,help them speak out’

Showing courage and strength to move on,55-year-old Neera Gupta,who has a five-month-old granddaughter is a victim of domestic violence,but now an inspiration for all.

Not just soldiers,dogs suffer trauma after war

Over 5 per cent of 650 military dogs deployed by US developing canine PtSD,half of them likely to be retired


US Army turns to yoga for making soldiers combat ready

The army already has wide experience of using the yoga to cure its soldiers of war disorders.

Returning troops hit by alcohol abuse,depression

Alcohol abuse is common among troops returning from conflict deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan but PTSD is less of a problem than previously thought.

Ecstasy may help in psychiatric treatment

The pharmaceutical version of the drug also known as MDMA has been found effective in treating patients undergoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.